Old South Fish Farm has been growing and delivering high quality, farm-raised, fish since 1979. We use the highest quality foods and the latest techniques to grow the finest, best tasting fish in the south. We ship Grass Carp to the West Coast on a regular basis. Our catfish is famous for size and taste.
• Grass Carp – 2 inches to 30 pounds in size
• Threadfin Shad – for bass forage
• Catfish – fingerlings to food fish
• Bass – fingerlings, 3 pounds and up

We are professional hay providers. When you purchase hay from Old South, you are working with farmers that have been providing hay for over 25 years. We provide fine quality hay all over the Southeast and we understand the importance of delivering hay on time. We will be proud to provide references as needed.
• Small square bales and large round bales
• Horse-quality Bermuda
• Mulch
• Wheat straw
• Government contract

Mute Swans
We acquired a couple of Mute Swans many years ago to add beauty to our ponds. The swans discovered that our farm provided the perfect environment for raising a family. With a little help and protection our Swans have prospered and we now Swans available for you to take to your pond.


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