Educational Field Trips

• Experience a Working Fish Farm.
• An Exciting Experience for the Whole Class.
• Learn about the Fish Industry and Fish Farming
• Perfect for Grades 4 through 12

The children in your classroom are aware of the fact that this area produces the finest catfish in the world, but do they know how that catfish gets to the grocery store shelves? Where do they grow? What do they eat? How do they get out of the pond? Who cleans all those fish?

Old South Fish Farm is a working catfish farm that answers all those questions and more with an entertaining and informative program. We explain every step of the catfish story from hatchery to processing to fried-on-your-plate. We offer hands-on displays, multi-media discussions, machinery demonstrations, walking tours and plenty of educational fun.

The Lodge, located on property right next to the fish ponds, is the perfect place for the kids to gather. With 3,500 square feet of open space under one roof, the lodge can seat several bus loads and van loads of children...rain or shine. It’s also the perfect place to eat lunch. That’s right, we are prepared and equipped serve a delicious lunch to all kids, teachers and volunteers.


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